I help you go from where you are … to where you want to be


Executive Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Who are Scott’s clients?

  • I help professionals achieve greater success.  On their own terms.
  • I work with groups to create a shared commitment to success and achieve results.
  • I help entrepreneurs move their ventures forward.  Faster.

What’s it like to work with Scott?

  • Your confidence increases as you begin taking actions right away that move you forward.
  • You define success on your own terms.   And you connect your vision to your organization’s vision so you make an impact that leaves a legacy.

Scott’s Approach:

  • Values: I help you to clarify and articulate your values.  You make better decisions based on what you really care about.
  • Action-Orientation: I get you moving.  Now.  Only through taking actions can you create what you want.
  • Accountability: I hold you accountable to yourself.
  • Focus: I help you to get focused and stay focused on what matters to get the results you want.
  • Confidence: When you know what you care about, are taking effective action to make happen what you want to make happen, are held accountable, are focused on what really matters to you and are getting results, your confidence soars.  You feel the difference and others notice.

Feedback from Executive Coaching Clients:

  • Scott’s clients have called him “resourceful,” “creative,” “inspiring,” “genuine,” and an “excellent listener.”
  • “Scott boosted my confidence and expanded my knowledge about taking actions to get what I want.”
  • “Scott helped me plan out my approach to some critical conversations in my organization that were important in my career.”
  • “I am grateful to Scott for helping me take my business to the next level.”
  • “Scott provided me new ways to approach both networking conversations and interviews.”
  • “He helped me to develop a new perspective that allowed me to be successful.”
  • “I wouldn’t have gotten the job without you!”
  • “Scott gave me the confidence to be successful in my new role.”

Contact Scott today for a complimentary consultation at 215-932-0574 or scott@escottcoaching.com.